Adult Rehabilitation Kits (ARKs)

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The Adult Rehabilitation Kits (ARKs) are a resource designed for rehabilitation specialists working with adult cochlear implant recipients. They are also suitable for home practice with a communication partner. The Adult Rehabilitation Kits include fun, structured and simple-to-use rehabilitation activities, as well as visually appealing resources for listening practice.

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Adult Rehabilitation Kits

1 ARK Introductory Kit, 2 ARK Families Who's Who, 3 ARK Families Famous Families, 4 ARK Families Your Family, 5 ARK Families What Do They Like Doing, 6 ARK World 195 Countries, 7 ARK World Third Rock from the Sun, 8 ARK World Getting There, 9 ARK World Tourist Destinations, 10 ARK Sports Which is Which, 11 ARK Sport – In the Game, 12 ARK Sport – What's the Score, 13 ARK Sport – Ball Sports

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